Robotic Pool Cleaners

Zodiac hydraulic Robot Pool cleaner T5
Available in 5/6 days
The hydraulic Robot cleaner for swimming pool Zodiac T5 Duo has a cleaning cycle of 6h recommended in 3 phases of 2h, the movement is random with a diaphragm  diaCyclone system. It can be installed on the suction socket or on the skimmer and is ideal for fine and medium debris, its speed of movement is 6 meters per minute.
Zodiac electric pool robot Cyclonx Pro RC 4400
Zodiac's electric pool cleaner Cycolnx Pro RC 4400 consists in a transport trolley, a control panel and a 100 micron filter basket. The duration of a cleaning cycle lasts 1h, 1h30, 2h (bottom only), 1h, 1h30, 2h (bottom/wall/water line) with a pre-programmed movement and a tracked traction system.