Wall-mounted hand-dryers

IMER Syntesi 140 concrete mixer
ready for shippment
The IMER Syntesi 140 concrete mixer is equipped with a 140 liters capacity tank, single-phase 230V / 50Hz electric motor with 0.3kW power, IP55 switch and release coil. The transmission system inserted in the arm and the convenient worm screw overturning system make it very light and at the same time robust and reliable. The wheels allow high maneuverability, even on sites with uneven terrain. It is also available with a HDPE plastic bowl.
FantiniCosmi KALIMAX electric towel
€467.00 -21.5%
Available in 5/6 days
FantiniCosmi KALIMAX electric towel functional and robust guarantees long life in time. Thanks to the high power of the engine, it ensures a constant hot air temperature and a complete drying of the hands in just 35 seconds. Elegant and modern, it fits perfectly into any type of environment. Available in the version with photocell or button and in different colors.
FantiniCosmi SUPERKALI electric towel with air blade
€437.00 -21.5%
Available in 5/6 days
FantiniCosmi SUPERKALI electric towel with air blade high speed 396 Km/h allows quick drying in just 10-15s with a reduction in operating times compared to traditional electric hand towels as well as lower energy consumption. The automatic air heating system is activated when the ambient temperature is below 25°C. Available in two colors and with drip tray.
€160.00 -18.5%
Available in 5/6 days
MO-EL 315 IMQ 2125 W ELECTRONIC DRYERS Ergonomic design, practicality and robustness, the model 315 is the right choice for any need. Built in shockproof ABS and Anti-UV, it maintains an absolute aesthetic and structural quality over time. The peculiarity of this model is that the air suction takes place in the upper part and not, as generally happens, in the lower part, where it would suck up dust and dirt.
€199.00 -18.5%
Available in 5/6 days
MO-EL BLOW 725 Vandal-proof electric hand dryer with push button and swivel jet. Power: 2300 W. Pressing the button activates the powerful jet of air that dries the hands quickly. To stop the air jet, you can press the button again or wait for the automatic switch-off after approx. 20 seconds.