Eva Calòr EV 14 pellet boiler
Eva Calòr EV 14 pellet boiler, class 5 boiler with double door, with steel combustion chamber and self-cleaning brazier, with a removable drawer for ash recovery. The smoke outlet can be installed in the rear part. Equipped with a thermometer, a double pressure switch and a safety valve, circulation pump, expansion vessel, water pressure transducer, a remote control, with 5 operating powers, display with a 6-language menu and the possibility of installing Wi-Fi module for remote control. Automatic eco-box and turbolators cleaning. This model is available in the version with ACS (domestic hot water) included, which allows instant hot water to be obtained. Conforms to standards: EN 303-5: 2012 - BImSchV II - 15a B-VG -LRV / VKF. - BAFA
Unical pellet stove TUA
Unical pellet stove TUA.Compact pellet stove with attractive look - front available in 4 exclusive variants. Equipped with fan for a greater diffusion of hot air in the room.  The combustion chamber is covered in steel with cast iron brazier and there is a practical drawer to collect the ashes. Environmental efficiency class: 4.