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FantiniCosmi ASPIRVELO AIR ECOCONFORT ventilation unit with heat recovery
FantiniCosmi ASPIRVELO AIR ECOCONFORT ventilation unit with heat recovery is managed by a control electronics; it works with the principle of regenerative heat recovery, through a ceramic heat exchanger placed inside the device, which accumulates the heat released by the flow of air entering or leaving the room and returns it when the flow reverses its direction.  The air is filtered through a G3 filter, which can be easily removed for cleaning.
Ferraboli copper mixer
The Ferraboli copper mixer, available in the 3kg, 5kg, 7.5kg, 9kg, 30kg versions is useful for the preparation of mixtures. The company, leader in the sector since 1964, has always focused on Italian quality, using stainless steel, sheet metal, cast iron and wood, chosen on the basis of quality and certification. The work is carried out in compliance with the standards and in the Ferraboli quality standard. All products can be equipped with a wide range of accessories.
MO-EL 315 IMQ 2125 W ELECTRONIC DRYERS Ergonomic design, practicality and robustness, the model 315 is the right choice for any need. Built in shockproof ABS and Anti-UV, it maintains an absolute aesthetic and structural quality over time. The peculiarity of this model is that the air suction takes place in the upper part and not, as generally happens, in the lower part, where it would suck up dust and dirt.
CodeX gym mat Tatami
Tatami gym mat available in various colors and thicknesses. Modular interlocking floor characterized by an external density of 100 kg/m³ and an internal density of 30 kg/m³ that provides the perfect product for shock absorption. Ideal for gyms and especially for martial arts, fitness, yoga, gymnastics, aerobics and physiotherapy.
MO-EL FIORE BLACK 766NP 1200 W Like all Mo-el lamps, Fiore works without gas. Flower is light and robust. Combines economy and efficiency. The traditional design of Fiore is embellished with black and is even more practical and adaptable to any environment, thanks to the ELEGANCE and STELO poles, equipped with anti-tip base. Fiore 766NP is the version without cable, suitable for permanent installation.